Fagen Fighters Trip


All guests under age 18 must attend with a responsible adult and provide a signed parental/guardian permission slip.

Parents/Guardians need to use the wording below on a slip of paper, provide a signature, and scan it to

“  Student’s name  ” has permission to participate in the Hutchinson Civil Air Patrol trip to Fagen Fighters June 6, 2019.”

                                          The responsible adult attending with the student will be “ name  “.

                                            Signed, ______________________         date_______________


Hutchinson Civil Air Patrol invites you to the 75th Anniversary

Commemoration of the Normandy D-Day Landings.

Fagen Fighters of Granite Falls, MN will be hosting this event.

You can expect to see:

WWII Era Aircraft and Military Equipment

WWII Veterans

Flight Displays (weather permitting)

Admission: $10 per person suggested donation at the door

Transportation: Chartered School Bus donated for the day by

Hutchinson Bus Line

Bus Loading June 6 at 8:15am at Hutchinson Airport (Butler Field)

Bus Returning June 6 at 5:30 pm

Food and Beverage vendors available at the event

Civil Air Patrol emphasizes aerospace education as one if its primary missions. WWII offers many lessons in this field as

new airplane technologies were rolled out at an unprecedented rate through this period of time.

We are offering this trip as an educational opportunity for

families. The Normandy landings and the concluding events of

WWII have impacted the course of modern history and still

shape our lives even today.

Participation limited to the first 50 respondents

Alternate sign up or questions: call or text 320-510-4247

Join Us

Come join us every Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30pm at the Hutchinson MN Airport in the Civil Air Patrol Building! Cadets can join at ages 12-18 years of age and senior members can join at ages 18 and older. To join our squadron and see what Civil Air Patrol is all about come out to our weekly meetings!

Civil Air Patrol is the Auxiliary of the United States Air Force and a non-profit organization! The Civil Air Patrol has three missions; they are Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education, and Emergency Services. We do 85% of the Air Forces’ Search and Rescue missions. The searches that we do are ELT searches, and Missing person searches. We also do Counter Drug, Disaster Relief, Humanitarian Services, and Air Force support. The fourth Tuesday of every month we do emergency services training. Through the Civil Air Patrol program, you learn leadership, followership, teamwork, and much more. Being in this program you get to do activities that you normally would not get to do and you also make friends that last a lifetime.